Why Good Uncle Meal Plans?


Better food, more options

Get access to exclusive members-only menu items – in addition to staple recipes from NYC’s best restaurants.


Flexible delivery

Meal plan members get
free delivery – always – with no minimum order requirement.


Credits, not swipes.

Credits are added to your account at the beginning of the semester, and you only pay for what you order – we'll send you credit updates regularly to help keep you on track.


Grocery Essentials

Meal plan members save on each of their Good Uncle orders – and hundreds of dollars vs. university dining services.Meal plan members get access to our new Go-cery Essentials. Stock up on everyday lunch, breakfast & snacks for the ultimate convenience.


How Meal Plans Should Operate



  • Good Uncle meal plans give students access to crave-worthy food & healthy options, delivered wherever they are around campus – until 12AM or 3AM – with no delivery fee or minimum.
  • Our meals cost between $7-$14. You only pay for what students order, and the balance rolls over week-to-week until the end of the semester.

How it Works


Reserve your spot.

Pay a $100 deposit to hold your spot, then the remaining balance before the beginning of the semester. Make changes to your membership any time before September 1st.


We help students budget.

Credits are loaded into students’ accounts at the beginning of eCredits are loaded into students’ accounts at the beginning of the semester and send out balance updates, giving you peace of mind that they have access to regular meals throughout the semester.


Credits roll over.

Any unspent credits at the end of each week roll over to the next. Because there’s nothing Good about “use it or lose it” meal swipes.

Fall ’18 Membership

Fall '18 memberships will be available soon 

Join the waitlist to be notified when memberships become available.


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